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Photo Restoration Service

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Photo Restoration Service

My photo repair service will breathe the life back into your old cherished photos and restore those captured moments.

For me, the reason why photo restoration is so important is because you are restoring the captured moments of your family history for future generations to enjoy.

A broken glass negative that has been repairedYou probably have a box of old photos that are slowly deteriorating and those memories are fading away. Restoring them will create a backup, giving your descendants a visual evidence to their past. Plus, if you are into genealogy, having a pictorial accompaniment can really add that special something to your family tree – matching faces with names!

Photo restoration is also a thoughtful and touching gift idea for a relative or friend – why not have their favourite photo restored and frame it?
See some Photo restoration examples

Latest restorations

What can be achieved from photo restoration

Roll over each image to see the results.

ripped photo repaired faded old photo enhanced stained photo cleaned up blurred photo sharpened
Rips and fold lines repaired  Fading enhanced  Staining cleaned up  Blurring sharpened
Photo with a missing section recreated water damaged photo restored sun bleached photo fixed colourised black and white photo
Missing sections recreated Water damage repaired Sun bleaching fixed Black and white colourised


black and white photo that has been colouredBlack and white
colouring service

Ever wished you could see your favourite old black and white photo in colour? Wish no longer as this can be achieved with my colouring service.


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Speed photo restoration video

Ever wanted to see the process of a photo being restored? Here is a video which has been sped up, so you can see the hard work that goes into restoring your precious photos. For more see my video examples page.


Old photo showing before and after restoration

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Excellent service! We were very happy with the quality of the restoration and how quickly you delivered the image. Thank you so much!

Vijay Mhaiskar
Apr 02, 2013

Bring your photos to me to be restored. Based in Maidstone, Medway, Kent.