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Photo Restoration Service

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How to scan your own photo.

Worried about posting your originals? Why not scan them yourself and email them to me.

Scanning guide

  • Photos must be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi - 600dpi is preferred.
  • Scan them in colour.
  • Turn off any settings like auto colour adjust or auto sharpening.
  • Do not compress the file when saving.
  • Scans should be saved as a JPG or TIFF. Select the highest quality setting.
  • When emailing the file to me make sure your email program does not compress the attachment.

This is important because if it is scanned at a low resolution or has been compressed it will cause the scan to become pixelated and will affect the end result.

If you are unsure please contact me.

Need help with Photo Restoration


A really great result. For such a sensitive nature to the request, it was handled with great care and professionalism. The email responses were answered with great speed. Can't rate highly enough!! Thanks

Andrew Sheldon
Aug 29, 2014