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Photo Restoration Service

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Photo backup protects your precious photos and saves them forever

Photo backup - Archive those moments

Are you worried that you only have one copy of your precious wedding photos? What if something was to happen and those photos are lost forever? Act now with my photo backup service and archive those moments!

Your photos will be scanned in at a high resolution to ensure as much quality is maintained. They are then transferred onto CD, allowing you to share those moments online with friends and family. Why not get for favourite photo enlarged with my photo printing service.


Photo Backup Prices

1-5 photos - £3 each
5-10 photos - £2.50 each
11-30 photos - £2 each
31 and more - £1.50 each

minimum order £5

Photo Backup - Archive those moments.

Why not add some other services like photo restoration or photo printing or photo montage?

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20 year old photo with stripes down it from light getting on the film - fixed brilliantly (can't see where the very major lines were) and quickly (turned around in just a few days. Would use again with no hesitation.

Helen Page
Feb 25, 2016